broomstickflyer (broomstickflyer) wrote,

The Session

Random thoughts on the Session - very pissed off about drink prices in the Academy! We had brunch in Morrison's while we were shopping yesterday for less than the cost of 3 tiny cokes each the night before! (Am I showing my age or our financial plight there?)

To the bands -

Future Ex-Wife - crap, crap, crap. Future nobodies. Reminded me of Garrsion Keillor's banjo orchestra albums - 14 songs in the same key and same tempo.

King Adora - quite liked them despite the singer making me go all maternal - hamster cheeks and a spiked hairdo not quite disguising his bald patch, looks like a good little boy from Kings Heath pretending to be rebellious. Entertaining in a sort of Poseur Rawk way - and actually have a few good songs. I'd see them again but not sure how much Max would protest!

Turbonegro - hated them at first, got into them after a couple of songs, then hated them more than ever. The singer's a complete knob. Very childish and silly. Songs all repetitive. And the singer stole his make-up from King Diamond who was also very silly!

80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster - hmmmmm, mixed feelings here. Love them on record (at least, the small amount I've previously heard) but not so keen live, mainly because all that screaming gave me a headache. My attention never wandered though and there were bits I really liked.

NMA - what's left to say? I've never seen a bad gig yet and this kept up the record. There was a bad moment for me - when the drum kit was rolled on and I thought 'There's Robert's dr ... No, it isn't Robert's' That was a cold bleak moment but it passed. The set was the usual balanced mix of old, new and very old! Nelson looked a bit moody and Justin was even more hyperactive than normal. It's good to see so many young fans - and so many balding, greying ones! And it's great that Max enjoyed it so much - he was a bit neutral when I first met him but they were the first band we saw together 3 years ago and he's turned into a stalwart keeper of the faith.

It was great to hear Poison Street again, but I'd have loved Ballad of Bodmin Pill in there too. (Or maybe not - last time I heard that live was at the Queens Hall Baths gig. I'd been chatting to Nelson a couple of weeks before and he'd asked what my favourite was. I told him - and then they played it at a gig on my birthday - that's a memory to keep forever!) It did feel odd not living in Bradford though - knowing that I would be walking down Petergate again in a couple of days at the latest, realising how much I'd love to be able to get on a bus to Hebden or the coast without having to plan a major expedition. But Brum's where I live and I love it here - I'm just a bit lonely at times, but if I get the new job that should change because I'll have time to have a life!
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