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First entry!

I'm still not sure about this - I think LJs are a bit sad, but probably not many people will read this! I'm having a strange weekend - was meant to be having my hair done this morning but Dearly Beloved took my keys as well as his this morning so I'm stuck in the house until he gets gome from work!

It's the NMA gig at the Academy tomorow and it'll be the first time I've seen them since Robert died. I'm a bit apprehensive about it - if they do Green and Grey I expect to be in floods of tears. I'll always miss him and it's such a shame I didn't get back up to Bradford in the year between moving here and him dying. Last time I saw him was in Morrsion's the day before I caught the train down here for my new life. But I knew him and have some good memories, which is a bonus in life. I'm looking forward to a possible chance of giving Nelson a big hug again though!
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