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broomstickflyer's Journal
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Saturday, July 16th, 2005
9:09 am
Bluddiell, it's ages since I did anything in here! Been a bit busy in RL - job-hunting, coping with the job I've got, losing weight, going blonde and getting a tan for starters!

The weight loss is going well but it's going to take a long time. I lightened my hair a bit and the sun's doing the rest for me - it gets lighter every time I go out. I'm looking very Teutonic at the moment and fortunately Max likes it although it's a long way from the pale faced, red and black haired goth he first met.

Saw Rammstein last night at the NEC - mixed feeings about the gig really. I hate the NEC to start with which doesn't help - it's the most soul-less venue I've ever been to and it never gets any better. There was no support band for some reason we weren't told about. R'stein were excellent musically but hte pyrotechinics have taken over and it sometimes seems as though they use bangs and flashes because it's what people expect them to do. Some songs have natural 'firework moments' (Du Hast, Feuer Frei) but not all o fhtem do and it's getting in the way of a bloody good show. Stuff like the Mein Teil cooking pot escapade I could happily do without. The encore choices seemed odd too - the first encore ended with a big bang at the end of Ich Will and it seemed like a good ending and I was happy. But then they came back and did Ohne DIch which is a beautiful song but too low-key for that stage of the set, followed by Stripped which I think is one of their weakest songs. Very strange and a definite anti-climax.

Going shopping today for my birthday present from dad - he sent me £80 today!! I mught get some kind of home exercise equipment - cheaper than going to a gym - then I can afford a Sunday swim before weightwatchers. So off to town it is - back later. (Probably much bloody later if my last time-lapse is anything to go by!)

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
7:05 pm
Well, the interview seemed to go well. I answered their questions, the hours are fine, the flat's bigger than i expected and there's no problem about the dog. So it's wait and hope time. I so much want this job - part-time estate manager on a retirement complex, rent free flat, 20 hours a week made up of 45 mornings 9 til 12 and the other 5 hours to suit me, the company and the residents! We'd be so much better off than we are now and I could have a life. We could have Max's mum to visit too as there's a lift to get her up to the flat then no stairs! And when dad comes he could spend some time in the lounge area with the residents (so long as he puts his bloody hearing aid in for a change!)

Rest of today - raining. Black/blue sparkly yarn arrived for a shawl but I'm NOT going to start it until I've finished my current project! (Yeah, sure. We'll see!)And i've made 2 cakes - one poppy seed and one coffee with walnuts. Finally had the chance to listen to the CD Pete Moltesen did for me - Quicksilver Messenger Service. Just For Love is still beautiful after all these years (you old hippy, you!)

Current Mood: hopeful
Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
9:38 am
The Session
Random thoughts on the Session - very pissed off about drink prices in the Academy! We had brunch in Morrison's while we were shopping yesterday for less than the cost of 3 tiny cokes each the night before! (Am I showing my age or our financial plight there?)

To the bands -

Future Ex-Wife - crap, crap, crap. Future nobodies. Reminded me of Garrsion Keillor's banjo orchestra albums - 14 songs in the same key and same tempo.

King Adora - quite liked them despite the singer making me go all maternal - hamster cheeks and a spiked hairdo not quite disguising his bald patch, looks like a good little boy from Kings Heath pretending to be rebellious. Entertaining in a sort of Poseur Rawk way - and actually have a few good songs. I'd see them again but not sure how much Max would protest!

Turbonegro - hated them at first, got into them after a couple of songs, then hated them more than ever. The singer's a complete knob. Very childish and silly. Songs all repetitive. And the singer stole his make-up from King Diamond who was also very silly!

80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster - hmmmmm, mixed feelings here. Love them on record (at least, the small amount I've previously heard) but not so keen live, mainly because all that screaming gave me a headache. My attention never wandered though and there were bits I really liked.

NMA - what's left to say? I've never seen a bad gig yet and this kept up the record. There was a bad moment for me - when the drum kit was rolled on and I thought 'There's Robert's dr ... No, it isn't Robert's' That was a cold bleak moment but it passed. The set was the usual balanced mix of old, new and very old! Nelson looked a bit moody and Justin was even more hyperactive than normal. It's good to see so many young fans - and so many balding, greying ones! And it's great that Max enjoyed it so much - he was a bit neutral when I first met him but they were the first band we saw together 3 years ago and he's turned into a stalwart keeper of the faith.

It was great to hear Poison Street again, but I'd have loved Ballad of Bodmin Pill in there too. (Or maybe not - last time I heard that live was at the Queens Hall Baths gig. I'd been chatting to Nelson a couple of weeks before and he'd asked what my favourite was. I told him - and then they played it at a gig on my birthday - that's a memory to keep forever!) It did feel odd not living in Bradford though - knowing that I would be walking down Petergate again in a couple of days at the latest, realising how much I'd love to be able to get on a bus to Hebden or the coast without having to plan a major expedition. But Brum's where I live and I love it here - I'm just a bit lonely at times, but if I get the new job that should change because I'll have time to have a life!
Saturday, May 28th, 2005
11:52 am
First entry!
I'm still not sure about this - I think LJs are a bit sad, but probably not many people will read this! I'm having a strange weekend - was meant to be having my hair done this morning but Dearly Beloved took my keys as well as his this morning so I'm stuck in the house until he gets gome from work!

It's the NMA gig at the Academy tomorow and it'll be the first time I've seen them since Robert died. I'm a bit apprehensive about it - if they do Green and Grey I expect to be in floods of tears. I'll always miss him and it's such a shame I didn't get back up to Bradford in the year between moving here and him dying. Last time I saw him was in Morrsion's the day before I caught the train down here for my new life. But I knew him and have some good memories, which is a bonus in life. I'm looking forward to a possible chance of giving Nelson a big hug again though!

Current Mood: thoughtful
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